I am writing a swim technique book geared towards adults and one of the chapters will be sort of a "troubleshooting your stroke".
I would like to gather as much data as possible on how people feel in the water and what they are struggling the most with
when they swim laps. Please tell me about your swimming, even if you swim only once a year, and share this link!
I'd like to cover as many "problems" as possible. Thanks

What do you find to be a recurrent problem in your swimming technique?
Quelle part de votre technique vous pose-t-elle régulièrement problème?

How old are you?
Quel âge avez-vous?
< 20
> 50

How often do you swim?
Combien de fois nagez-vous?
< 1x month / mois
1-3 x month / mois
1x week / semaine
> 1x week / semaine

pool / piscine
open water / eau libre

Do you compete?
Participez-vous à des

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